Curse you, Pinterest!


As evidenced by my recent children’s bedroom decor purchase I am a fan of waldorf and waldorf-inspiried toys.

So yesterday, in an epic moment of stupidity, I googled: “Waldorf Playroom.” My current playroom is a playroom in the sense that it is an area in the unfinished basement where I have somewhat organized toys that were utilized by my foster children and is about to be navigated by my rapidly-growing nephew and eventually my own children 🙂

Well much like the “if you give a mouse a cookie” book. Google leads to Google Images, which invaribly leads you to Pinterest.

Let me give you a taste:

waldorf playroom

Like I said: Don’t do it. You’ll be up past midnight. You’ll forget to eat dinner. It happened to me.

So I fell asleep dreaming of these better-than-disney world playrooms and woke up going: “There is no way I could ever afford do anything like that.” Wrong Again.

Fate, in it’s infinite wisom, lead me to the Children’s section of the Ikea Website. Now, I don’t live close to an Ikea. At all. It is about a 5-hour roundtrip drive to the “local” Ikea. But for anyone who lives on a budget, has some serious OCD-issues when it comes to clutter and organization, and has a fabulous imagination Ikea is the happiest place on Earth (in my opinion).

Let me give you an example of how awesome my online finds were: “Sarah’s Silk” Playroom Canopy was about $130 everywhere I looked on the internet. Ikea has an eerily similar version for $19.99. Ditto wooden play kitchen $200-$400 elsewhere. Ikea: $99.99. Children’s wooden table and chairs: $100-$200. Ikea: $19.99. Play food, simple toddler toys, wooden train sets, farm sets, puppets etc. all at cheaper-than-Walmart prices. They even have a child’s art easel for $14.99! Oh. My. Gawd!

The playroom is now fully formed in my mind. It is sooooo cool. No major contruction required. Can pull off the enitire look with what I have on hand plus around $350. So…let the savings begin!

In other life news: My job as a R.N. will be changing significantly in the coming weeks and months. My boss was very kind to wait out the transition until my adoption situation had settled down, and now that it has…it is full steam ahead. I’m very excitied as it is a formal move into the role I went into over 2 years ago, but due to budget and staffing issues had to manage other duties. In other words: I’ll finally be able to do the job I wanted, applied, and was hired for.

I read “The Discipline Book” by William and Martha Sears. I found it redundant. I had read their “Attachment Parenting” book as well as “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” by Harvey Karp in the past. Everything mentioned in “The Discipline Book” was information I found presented in a far more clear and concise way in the previous 2 volumes mentioned.

And finally: As of tomorrow I have made it through my first month of officially waiting/registered with the Ministry of Justice. Yeah!


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