We are Registered!


Sometime on March 7th, somewhere in Bulgaria…my name was added the registry of adoptive parents!

(I found out at 9:13 this AM, and yes, from everything I have seen in blogs and chatrooms it is normal for it to take 2-4 weeks after you dossier is registered to hear about it)

And so, with little fanfare (and without even knowing it myself) the “big wait” has begun.

Based on the latest IAC postings I’ve seen (Hopscotch Adoptions keeps a good blog regarding Bulgarian IAC or “match” hearings) I’ll have anywhere from an 11 month – a 3 or 4 year wait from this point.

I completed reading yet another Parenting Book (non-adoption related) titled: Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. From what I’ve read in other books thus far it is a good idea to keep the home environment very simple and quiet for the first few days-months after your adopted child comes home. I have seen recommendations about doing this by making the adoptive parent(s) the sole caretaker in this early time but haven’t seen much written on how to approach the the other logistics (i.e. filtering out media, toys, etc.). This book seems an excellent manual for that.

If nothing else I was totally motivated last weekend to completely de-clutter the house (attic to basement). It looks really nice in here. And I should be able to kick-start my adoption savings again from the money I hope to make in the ensuing lawn sale.


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