Well, this sucks.


Today, likely while I was still in bed being awakened every 1/2 hour by the public works department who decided to remove frozen snow from the sidewalk AND PARK A FLASHING POLICE CAR 40 FEET FROM MY BEDROOM WINDOW…

The Bulgarian Government Quit.

Yup. I thought someone was pulling my leg too. Then I Googled it. They quit. And from what I understand they essentially quit over protests of rising electricity prices. Clearly, I have no understanding of how this government works.

I didn’t even bother to e-mail anyone to ask if this is going to effect the adoption. I don’t see how it WON’T slow things down. If it has no effect…well, then I’ll be suprised.

I’d like to make a formal apology to anyone adoption from Bulgaria. Apparantly my personal Karma is starting to rub off on an international scale. This is how my life typically operates. You should have seen how the kitchen remodel went down…


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  1. From what I’ve been hearing, it shouldn’t affect our adoptions. Not sure how that’s possible, but I’m going to trust the folks who should know! First our agency quits and then the Bulgarian government quits. It’s been a rough month…

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