All credit for this goes to the original artist: Amy Brown

All credit for this goes to the original artist: Amy Brown

I have been rescued! I have a new agency: One World Adoption Services.

My new personal hero there: Allison

My ongoing heroes at St. Andre’s: Jessica, Debra, and Lee

And then of course: My family, friends, and co-workers.

Somehow with the help of you all we have turned my International Adoption Disaster into a “Hiccup.” Thank You!

It was with sadness that I did learn today that Adoption Ark has let most of it’s staff go. I never had the opportunity to thank either Alla or Allyson for everything that they have helped me accomplish since July. If either of you ever come across this I would like to say that I truly appreciate everything that you ever did for me. I know this is not the ending that anyone envisioned, but you ladies have helped me come so far, so fast. Thank You. I wish you the best.

So I am still knee deep in new paperwork. Re-signing contracts and whatnot. So far I have no word on my dossier. And I have no idea how much of it will need to be re-done. In looking at my copy Adoption Ark is only mentioned on 3 of the 13 documents. I get the impression (maybe incorrectly) that the homestudy (which is one of those documents) is no biggie. Especially in light of that fact that I’m 99.9% sure that I’ll need to update it at least once before kiddos come home. 2nd document is the contract with the Bulgarian Partner Agency. I would bet that needs to be redone (but oh what I wouldn’t give for some white-out…Adoption Ark is only mentioned in there one time). 3rd document is the INS form. If that is the only thing that I DON’T have to re-do, I will be a happy woman. (seeing as that I’m 99.9% sure that it too will need an update)

But all in all I am one grateful and relieved woman tonight. This could have been so much worse than it turned out to be.


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