A step in the right direction


So step 1 was panic. Did that. (See previous post). Step 2 is cry, worry, fret, and not sleep. Did a really good job at step 2.

Step 3? Do something.

Started with e-mailing my awesome social worker. Her e-mail back allowed me the 2 hours of sleep I was able to manage. She had seen something like this before. E-mailed the homestudy agency (my only link now) and THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE EVER. They spoke to me on the phone for a 1/2 hour this AM calming and reassuring me and allowing me to at least attempt to work today. They also gave me some information to move forward. I’m all about moving forward now. Oh and chocolate-chip brownies. Chocolate-chip brownies for dinner. Very helpful for the nerves.

Very cautiously excited to annouce that I may have found a new placing agency. I know the e-mail from Adoption Ark stated they would contact me later this week with some more information…but I’m impatient. And this is my family’s future we are talking about here. Explained the whole situation and the new people are very willing to work with me. But my favorite part about this whole thing: They use the SAME Bulgarian Partner Agency. Not sure if that is at all beneficial, but in my gut I know it just has to be. Just trying to figure out now how to get whatever needs to come from Adoption Ark over to the new people. My assignment for tomorrow I suppose. That and try to eat something resembling healthy; but then again there is still half a pan of chocolate-chip brownies left.


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  1. I got my e-mail from AA around 9:00pm tonight. Cases are being transferred to CHI who will also be working with Happy Family. You can also choose your own agency if you would prefer. I’ve heard great things about CHI, so we’re all set to work with them. Good luck!!

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