Attachment Parenting


Last week I read “The Attachment Parenting Book” by William Sears M.D. and Martha Sears R.N. It appeared to be the foundation for all my other self-imposed reading assignments. And then, oddly enough, a co-worker decided to give a talk on (guess what?) Attachment Parenting.

I won’t say it was unhelpful, because it actually was (both book and lecture), it just takes a lot of imagination to potientally apply either to my future unique parenting situation. The lecture and book barely touched on adoption. One of the case studies in the lecture was in the process of being adopted (and doing well attaching to new parents) but case study as well as example in the book were both adopted as infants.

As I said it isn’t totally unhelpful. While I can’t bond with baby immediately after birth or breastfeed I hope to apply as much as I can (parental responsiveness, co-sleeping, and (is there a chiropractor on standby?) even baby-wearing.) My only hope (and greastest fear) is when the time comes…will all these well-meaning interventions ultimately come too late for my children? Only time will tell…


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