I think the dossier has arrived in Bulgaria. Fed Ex usually doesn’t charge my account until the day the shipment arrives at the destination and today they took $209 out of my checking account (yes. ouch.). While the wait thus far hasn’t been difficult because I’ve been busy with the paperwork chase…I have had a taste the past 2 weeks of what the real wait will be like. Tomorrow I am giving up my oh-so-precious Saturday morning sleep in (these days sleeping until sunrise is sleeping in) and tackling another item on the pre-mommyhood bucket list: fixing the car. Actually it will be a 2-in-1 situation as I expect I’ll be waiting there some time I’m going to put another dent in aforementioned list and do some book reading while I’m there. I’m currently tackling The Count of Monte Cristo (I’ve just made it past the kidnapping of Albert by Luigi Vampa)


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