Dossier and Tax Credit


My dossier found its way to the adoption agency late Thursday. A huge relief, but I am still waiting on pins and needles to see if everything is OK with it or if (hopefully not) it needs revision before it can be forwarded on for translating.

So excited about the news regarding the tax credit. Up to $12,770 per child! This is huge news for my family (as I expect it is for most families in the midst of adopting). This means someday way out in the distant future there is some hope that I can afford a new roof for the house. And possibly a furnace that isn’t older than I am. Wow…that last statement make me sound like the Dad in “A Christmas Story.”

Tomorrow I begin a new hobby: I am going to learn to sew. I have a never-used older model sewing machine and I am finally taking a class to learn how to use the thing. I love handmade clothes and since I have about 2-3 years of free time on my hands…why not? Also I saw a few postings on pinterest for “Pillowcase Dresses” and I adore them.


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